Why Self-Love is important to your health!

I hear it all the time, often in my own head: you're not good enough, you're not pretty enough, you're not fit enough, you don't work hard enough, blah, blah, blah. STOP. PAUSE. Would you talk like this to your best friend? How about your mom? Your S.O? NO! So why are we talking to ourselves like this? Why has it become the norm to do so?

Self-love has been busting on the scene lately and I couldn't be more excited about it. This is a topic that in the past may have been labeled as "selfish" or "unaware" but now we are here acknowledging the power of loving yourself. There has been actual research done on the benefits of self love (I will link the article at the end of this post), but I think in order to really believe it you have to experience it yourself.

When was the last time that you felt like you weren't motivated to do your job, go to the gym, or cook a nice meal? Why was that? Unfortunately in life there will always be someone better, stronger, prettier, skinnier, or whatever that adjective is for you. But what if instead of thinking like that we turn our admiration around to ourselves? How you talk to yourself matters and it is actually part of loving yourself. Be nice to yourself. Hug Yourself. Take yourself on dates. Do something that YOU want to do with loved ones. Treat yo' self. Buy yourself a gift. Be in a relationship with yourself. Meditate. These are all ways of practicing self love and reaping the beautiful benefits of all that it has to offer.

What are the benefits? I mean... other than feeling down and beat up all the time? 

  1. You will feel less insecure - the world is constantly beating us down... why do you want to add to that? Know your strengths and be secure in your strengths - and your weaknesses? Let's change that verbiage and look at those as opportunities, but not ones that make you weak. Be secure in your strengths and your opportunities - that is what makes you you after all. Stop trying to prove yourselves to others, you know that you're enough!

  2. You will become more financially responsible. Those of you who know me know that I should probably be the last person giving financial advice, and although that isn't exactly what I am doing here, I can say that since I have started loving myself I have saved so much money. Why? Because I am mindful of where I am spending it. I don't have a bad day of being beat up by the world then beat up by myself and go spend hundreds of dollars on shoes anymore. I just don't. I don't miss it and I don't need it. I choose self-love.

  3. You will have increased productivity. Kiss self-criticism goodbye and welcome self-compassion in with a warm and welcome hug! Self-compassion can help drive you to achieve things that you never thought were even possible... try it!

  4. You will have decreased stress. "WHAT? In this world? Do you know what my job is? There is no way that a little self-love is going to decrease my stress!" Again, STOP. PAUSE. You are the only one who knows your story, your way of thinking, your way of working. Your boss is on top of you to meet a deadline? Is she giving you compassion? Unless you have the boss of the year, then probably not. It is up to you to give yourself compassion. Work how it works best for you. Go at your pace. Plan for your pace. Once you can master this you will see your stress magically melt away.

  5. You will see your creativity blossom in a new way. It is easy to feel stuck, but when you show yourself love and compassion you can start to see things in a new way which can make new creativity and inspiration bloom.

Try it. Comment below with your favorite act of self-love so that others can try it out.

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