Solitude. Solitaire.

Last Friday I posted about the importance of human touch and connection, so this week I want to touch on why it is important to get some alone time in as well. How often do you get alone time? Is it as often as you would like? Is it too often? If so, see The Magic of Human Touch. Either way, solitude can actually be a good reset for our minds and bodies which is extremely beneficial for mental, physical, and emotional health. Why?

Solitude allows you to rest and reboot your brain. In our society, and especially in most jobs, we are constantly having to be “on” which doesn’t give our brains a chance to relax. I speak about this a lot in a corporate environment because it actually makes us less likely to make clear and confident decisions because our brain is in overdrive. Just like our bodies need time to relax and reboot, our brain does too.

Solitude can also give you a chance to be with yourself and in doing so find your thoughts and voice again. We are so bogged down by social media influence, our bosses influence, celebrity influence, etc that it can be hard to remember what you actually believe in and potentially even who are as a person. Solitude can help you tune into yourself again and be a good check point when you start to get overwhelmed by society’s expectations.

Do you have a big decision to make? Solitude is your best starting point. Before making a big decision, and I would argue even before taking the decision to your loved ones, it is important to know why you are making the decision and tune in with what your true desires are. Being alone is a great way to make sure that you are going to be happy with the decision that you are making because it doesn’t allow outside voices to sway you.

When is your favorite time to be alone? I challenge you to spend at least one hour in solitude this week to allow your brain a reboot and to give it some rest (no social media allowed). Let me know how you feel after your “me time.”


Sherilynn SherrouseComment