Remaining Mindful During the Season of Candy AKA Halloween

Here we go… we are entering the season of candy apples, candy corn, popcorn balls, and candy anything really! So, how are we expected to stay mindful when our kiddos are collecting candy, we are handing out candy, and offices are filled with candy? Excellent question, let’s dive into some recommendations for how to remain mindful during candy central.

  • Avoid buying your absolute favorite candy to hand out to the neighborhood kids, for your kids to take to school, or to give to your friends. You know the one that I am talking about - the one that you can never say no to no matter how hard you try. It’s your favorite, why should you? So, just avoid bringing it into your life so you won’t be tempted.

  • Brainstorm and think about if you would rather hand out something slightly healthier to the neighborhood kids. Sure, you won’t be the favorite house, but at least you can feel good about what you are handing out. If you feel great passing out candy, that’s cool too! Often times the healthier candy is more costly so that is something to consider, and unfortunately we do live in a day in age where it isn’t appropriate to hand out fruit anymore. Maybe some homemade popcorn? Dark chocolate? Unreal almond butter cups?

  • Get creative in the kitchen to make natural/whole food treats that you get excited about. One of my favorites is baked apples with a little vegan butter, maple syrup, and cinnamon. Make a big batch of those, or something else that you really love to eat instead of candy. When you are at the office being tempted by candy, think about how delicious your treat you are going to make later will be and how much better you will feel afterwards.

  • Try mindful eating. The best and easiest way that I can describe mindful eating vs mindless eating is asking yourself why you want to eat what you are about to eat. I am a big believer in eating things that feed/fuel your soul 20% of the time so that you don’t feel deprived of things that you love. If that means that you want a ton of halloween candy, then do it! If you know that you don’t want halloween candy, but may eat it because it is in front of you, then I am talking to you. Think about why you are picking it up, think about how you will feel after you eat it (try to avoid feelings of guilt and focus more on how you feel in your body), and ask yourself if you really want to continue with eating it.

  • Make a deal with your kids that they each get to pick out their favorite candy to fill a small bag and the rest of the candy that they collected can go to someone in need (the homeless, kids in the hospital, etc.) - partner with an organization and make someone feel special and loved with the extra candy that you likely don’t want in your house anyway, but would really make someone else’s day.

  • If you think that having one of your favorite candy bars will make you feel satisfied then I still recommend not buying that specific one to pass out, but instead going to the drug store or grocery store and picking up one for yourself to eat on halloween evening or a different day that it is very tempting for you. Try not to deprive yourself ever, but instead make more mindful decisions based on how you want to feel moment to moment.

We live in a very busy holiday neighborhood. Every holiday whether it is July 4th, Halloween, or Christmas the whole neighborhood decorates, so that means a lot of foot traffic. Because we will have literally thousands of kiddos knocking on our door we will be stocking up on candy at Costco, but if we lived in a neighborhood that didn’t get quite as much foot traffic or I worked in an office that I had to bring snacks to I would opt for the Unreal Almond Butter Cups, homemade popcorn, or another homemade treat (specific to the office scenario). Regardless of what you decide, I hope you have an amazing Halloween full of new and fun memories!

Trick or Treat!


Sherilynn SherrouseComment