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The Magic of Human Touch

Recently I had the extreme pleasure of attending the Wanderlust festival in Squaw Valley. Although the entire festival was amazing my favorite class that I took was called The Release. I went into this class thinking it would be a bunch of screaming and just fully releasing what we had been holding on to, but it was so much more than that. We gave each other real lasting hugs, we looked into strangers eyes for a full minute without talking or laughing, and we told them that we loved them. This may sound weird to some skeptics out there (and maybe slightly on the hippie side of life) and I don't blame you for thinking that. Honestly, I probably would have thought that it was weird as well. However, I have never felt more connected with humankind, more loved by a group of people, or more free of emotions that had bogged me down for years! Why is that? What was the magic behind what happened in that class?

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