A Total Renewal. 


I thought that I was healthy-ish - at least healthy enough to stay healthy looking. I never thought for a minute that I would end up in and out of doctor's offices, go through surgeries, and multiple diagnosis scares. At the time it was really hard for me to understand why I was going through all of this, but now I know it was to bring me to fulfill my life's mission of helping people achieve a full renewal of themselves - whatever that means for them. 

My first year of college I became a "vegetarian." I put that word in quotes because I didn't actually eat any vegetables and if you are looking at a food pyramid, cheese would be the biggest portion of my daily meals (I'm from Texas - chips and queso anyone?). I often would find myself in the drive thru lines of Taco Bueno and McDonald's on my way to work - fun fact that I didn't learn until just recently: McDonald's fries are not vegetarian or vegan friendly. In my mind I was fine and healthy because I was still skinny and felt like I was living my best life - there was only one pesky little thing that I had to deal with once a month: severe endometriosis. 


I struggled with endometriosis beginning in high school, but as the years went on it continued to get worse. I went through the surgeries and by the age of 23 I had been through induced menopause twice... no really, my mom asked ME for menopause advice when she began going through it. I figured this was just the cards that I had been dealt, that it was incurable like all of the doctor's say, so I just continued to get my hydrocodone refilled once a month for that dreaded week. 

Fast forward a couple of years and I am still dealing with endometriosis, but something new has crept into my life - debilitating migraines! Oh joy! Thousands of doctors bills, tests, MRI's, and diagnoses later... they had no idea what was wrong. Just my luck - something else that wasn't curable that I got to deal with. This time though it could pop up at any time, any day, and I was out for the count. This was really compromising my ability to do my dream job that I had landed as a Merchandiser at Old Navy in San Francisco. So, I loaded on the pills that the doctor prescribed - I had probably close to 11 pill bottles circulating in my medicine cabinet between the headaches, the nausea, the endometriosis, and surprise the depression that came along with having to deal with these ridiculous, incurable diseases.  


After about 6 months of the headaches one of my best friends came into town to visit me from Texas. On the way to go to her hotel I decided to listen to a podcast featuring a Holistic Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach not really knowing what that was, but wanting to hear more about it. It turned out that she suffered from severe endometriosis just like I did, but had made her symptoms go away just by adjusting her food and lifestyle. Honestly at this point I was more concerned with my headaches than the endo because they were happening more frequently than once a month, but I figured maybe it could be a similar situation so I reached out to her.

Then begins my total renewal! I worked with her for 8 weeks and completely changed my eating habits and lifestyle. It definitely wasn't easy... I was literally gagging through my salad on the first day because I was so used to NOT eating vegetables and I was definitely not eating salads that weren't drenched in caesar or ranch dressing. What happened over those 8 weeks was truly like I became a new person and things began to change for me in amazing ways. My headaches completely went away, I was able to stop taking ALL of my medicine (including the depression medication), and my endometriosis went from taking me out a week every month and discussions of a hysterectomy to not even needing to waste a single Advil. Aside from those amazing health benefits, I also changed as a person. I realized that my dream job was no longer my dream job and I wanted to use my life helping people overcome similar situations and get to feel that total renewal just like I did!

So, I quit what I thought was my dream job and became a Certified Holistic Health & Lifestyle Coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. My husband and I are happily and healthily living in Sacramento, CA (Ladybird anyone??) and I am now getting to do my actual dream job of helping people achieve health & wellness all over the World to become the best versions of themselves!


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