Over the course of six months I was able to meet my goals of creating a healthy and sustainable lifestyle and more! Definitely a life changing experience and I am glad I did it with Sherilynn as my coach. Sherilynn is an amazing listener and will help guide you to achieve whatever goals you have!
— Carmel, New York City
Within a week my tendonitis that had prohibited me from doing some of the things that I love was completely gone as well as my “unsettled” stomach that I had ALWAYS had issues with. I have not had any doubts that I did the right thing.
— Melinda, Dallas

Using the tools that Sherilynn gave me, I am now a confident person. I know where I can live a little and know the areas I have difficulty in. All is okay, even in those difficult areas.

I owe so much gratitude to Sherilynn, her patience, her wisdom and her true desire to help people.

THANK YOU SO MUCH for helping me get control over my life back.

My husband and I have amazing communication, I have placed tools in my work life that help with productivity & I feel connected to my family in a way that didn’t exist before.
Life is good.

I highly recommend anyone needing a change in their life or having gone through a big change in their life to let Sherilynn do her job and focus on making your life balanced.
— Yesi, Dallas

I didn’t know what I didn’t know. I knew a lot of my decisions may have been healthy, and I’d make unhealthy choices when I wanted. Turns out I wasn’t choosing to eat unhealthy, I was doing it out of mindless reaction. My “healthy” options weren’t very healthy either. I would just live with a feeling of being uncomfortable, gassy, and crumby. Once I learned how to listen to my body and feel how it reacts to certain foods, I was able to figure out what my body needs and wants. All my life I’ve gone through crazy weight changes from crash diets and workout plans, but I’ve finally gotten to a place where I am healthy and truly happy.

I can’t thank Sherilynn enough for coaching me through this wonderful life event.
I am so grateful for the guidance and wisdom that Sherilynn provided. She allowed me to find what works best for my body, not just a generalized script, and was there for every step, even when I was discouraged. Her gentle encouragement pushed me to stay the course and to trust the process. I found out foods that I didn’t know affected me, foods that my body loves, and process that works, and am now equipped to stay the course. It is so much more than eating healthy, it is healing your body from the inside out. It is not a fad diet and therefore is not a quick fix. This process is true healing that will carry you on to a lifestyle of health and wellness. I could not have done this program without her daily encouragement and vast knowledge. I fell in control of my health and feel better than ever!
— Laura, Texas

highly highly recommend!

My time with Sherilynn literally changed my life. I can’t imagine having anyone else walk through this season of life with me, and be my advocate, my guide, my friend. We didn’t know each other before but now we are forever connected through this passion to help other women find relief from their endo pain. The practices I’ve learned have changed me, given me life long habits, and decreased my endo pain by 90%! That is HUGE! Anyone who has the opportunity to work with Sherilynn absolutely should!

— Wynne, texas

This journey gifted me more than just the healthy eating habits. It gifted me self-awareness, confidence, grace, and most importantly: HOPE. Some days are great, and some days are shitty. But either way, I know I can always start anew the next day. And that gives me hope.

Sherilynn, there are not enough words to express my gratitude, so I will keep it short and simple: Thank you for bringing me closer to the light, and thank God I decided to go on this journey with you!

Read the full journey at http://his-and-her.com/blog/2019/4/6/angelee-renew-you
— Angelee, Dallas
Sherilynn changed my life. I was at rock bottom, mentally, financially, physically (at least the way I was treating myself), emotionally, spiritually. I didn’t know what would happen if I didn’t get out of this spiraling depression and deprecating self talk, and I knew I absolutely had to do something to change for the better... and most importantly to admit to myself that I needed help. That meant admitting out loud these problems I was having and in doing that, facing my biggest fears. Sherilynn was the absolute best decision I have made for my overall health. I would highly recommend her to anyone. Anyone, anywhere, anytime. I have become someone I would never thought I could be. She is truly incredible!!
— Sudie, Dallas

If you are remotely considering Sherilynn as your coach, do it! You won’t regret it! She worked with me over a course of 5 to 6 weeks with my specific goals in mind. I felt like I had tried “clean eating” but still didn’t know how to listen to my body and understand how different food truly affected me. I sent Sherilynn my food log daily along with how I was feeling. She provided invaluable feedback each day that taught me how to better eat or with questions to help her further understand what was going on and how my body was responding. I learned more from the food log exchange than I could have ever thought possible. In order for it to be successful, it is important to be transparent. One little thing lead her to uncover what I never would have figured out on my own...what I now truly believe is a major trigger for migraines that I have suffered from for years. Sherilynn is my Sherlock Holmes! This was possible from her being engaged with the details of a few weeks of my body’s responses. I learned how to listen to my body, what foods my body doesn’t like, how to better fuel my body and so much more. Her program is more than just about food it is a holistic approach to life. She provides personalized and practical coaching. Be willing to commit, try new things and being open and she will do wonders for you!
— Casey, Texas